Financial Messaging

Financial Messaging

Fineksus offers a wide range of software products by facility management and data processing services for both local and global payment systems especially for SWIFT.

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AML | Anti Money Laundering

Fineksus provides Anti Money Laundering applications powered by AI in order to assist financial institutions to meet their AML compliance requirements and tackle financial crimes.

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Financial Messaging

FinCloud Solutions

Fineksus offers fully SWIFT certified global cloud-based solutions for valued customers who demand scalable performance, high availability and secure platform.

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Professional Services

Fineksus provides extensive professional services to implement and integrate all of the SWIFT systems for financial institutions.

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Tackle financial crimes and risks
with AI-powered solutions.

Fineksus is the market leader of compliance and financial messaging solutions in Turkey by providing its products and services for more than 95% of the banking industry and aims to expand its offerings global wide which makes the company at the forefront for providing AML solutions and financial messaging tools.

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