Fineksus is Ready for SWIFT gpi

What is SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (gpi)

Swift gpi is a brand new standard in global payments – banks can  now send funds quickly and securely to anyone anywhere in the world. Moreover, gpi offers full transparency over a payment is at any given moment. SWIFT gpi significantly  improves cross-border payments across the correspondent banking network and provides speed, certainty and a smooth international payments experience.

Cross-border payments are always black-box for originators and it is never certain:

  • when money will be transferred to destination
  • how much it will cost

SWIFT gpi addresses this issue and enables proven cross order payments:

  • Fast: Same-day funds
  • Transparent: Full transparency on fees and delivery time
  • Traceable: End-to-end payments tracking

Fineksus is Ready for SWIFT gpi

Fineksus further improves  its financial messaging products by adding SWIFT gpi features: faster payments, end to end tracking of international wire transfers and fee transparency. Consequently, SWIFT gpi module  increases operational productivity, improve costs effectiveness.

Fineksus PayGate is now adopted to the enhanced cross border payments service of SWIFT. Financial Institutions trusting Fineksus with their payment business are now part of fast-growing gpi community that enjoys payment experience. Our SWIFT gpi compliant financial messaging solutions are:

  • PayGate™ Search: Financial message archiving and reporting tool for monitoring the status of the payment messages.
  • PayGate™ Maestro: Advanced financial messaging management system powered by flexible Business Rule Engine that creates SWIFT gpi-enabled payment messages and monitors the status of the payment messages.